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Solar generator system
    Publish time 2019-08-28 14:43    

The off-grid solar power supply system is mainly composed of a solar cell module, a controller, and a battery. For example, if the output power source is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter needs to be configured.


1) Long life: the quality assurance period of crystalline silicon solar modules is 15-20 years;

2) High performance: The crystalline silicon solar cell power generation system has the characteristics of anti-typhoon, anti-icing, anti-humidity, anti-ultraviolet radiation, etc. The component system can work normally under the environment of minus 40 degrees to zero 70 degrees;

3) No need to be on duty: no need to be staffed during operation, can supply power to the load like conventional energy;

4) Uninterrupted power supply: The system is designed with local rainy weather conditions in mind, and the extra energy stored in the battery is stored in the battery to ensure that the user still has enough power for use in rainy days;

5) DC non-interference power supply: solar cell power generation equipment, no noise, no high-order harmonic interference of power supply, especially suitable for communication power supply;

6) Not affected by the geographical environment: plain, river, ocean, mountain, snowfield, island, forest area, crystal silicon solar cell power generation system can be used in any place where electricity is needed.