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Half piece solar panel
    Publish time 2019-08-28 15:02    

Product design for half-cell battery components

The internal structure design of the half-chip assembly includes three methods: series structure, series-parallel structure, parallel-series structure, etc. The conventional components usually adopt a series structure, and the voltage is unchanged because the current is halved after half-chip battery dicing. Therefore, if a series structure is used for design, the component voltage will be double that of the conventional components, which will increase the cost of the system. At the same time, there is a certain safety risk after the component voltage is doubled, so the overall output voltage and current are consistent with the conventional components. The half-chip battery assembly is generally designed in a series-parallel structure, which is equivalent to two small components connected in parallel. The half-cell battery pack is the same as the conventional components, and is packaged with a backing plate such as tempered glass, EVA, and TPE (TPT, EPE). The junction box will be different, generally using a three-part junction box. In the process, the half-piece component process is simple to change. Since the number of cells is doubled, the time for serial welding of the battery is doubled. The difficulty is that the bus-out lead wire is taken out from the middle of the back of the component. If it is manually operated, the lead-out wire will be raised. At the risk of battery rupture or cracking, the current automation problem of the busbar welding in the middle of the half-piece assembly has been overcome, and to some extent, the rapid development of the half-cell battery assembly has also been promoted.