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Agro-optical complementary photovoltaic power station
    发布时间: 2017-03-24 11:06    

Agricultural photovoltaic complementary power station

Agro-optical complementary photovoltaic power station

Agricultural light complementary system is the use of solar photovoltaic power generation features of no pollution and zero emissions, and high-tech greenhouses (including agricultural planting greenhouses and breeding greenhouses) organic combination, in the greenhouses part or all of the sunny surface laying photovoltaic solar power generation devices, it has power generation capacity, but also for crops, edible fungi and livestock breeding to provide suitable growth environment. To create better economic and social benefits. There are mainly photovoltaic agricultural planting greenhouses, photovoltaic farming greenhouses and other modes.

Features of JDSOLAR agro-optical complementary system: The organic combination of digital agriculture and smart energy is adopted to maximize land benefits.

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