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Optical storage and charging integrated system
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Optical storage and charging integrated system

Optical storage and charging integrated system

The optical storage and charging system is mainly composed of photovoltaic power generation system, energy storage equipment and charging station.

Features of JDSOLAR optical storage and charging system: photovoltaic power generation for self-use, grid peak cutting and valley filling, reduce electricity costs, intelligent charging, new energy vehicle charging guarantee ability to improve, when the power grid outage, as a backup power emergency backup power, small self-power supply system (microgrid) sustainable profit.

JDSOLAR optical storage and charge system advantages: can be off-grid, flexible design, simple expansion, unlimited capacity.

1. Photovoltaic system

In the limited land resources under the construction of an integrated power station, the use of Cainear roof photovoltaic and parking garage canopy photovoltaic. A number of photovoltaic modules are connected to the photovoltaic DC bushbox, connected to the power grid through the photovoltaic inverter, and the off-grid photovoltaic power generation system, off-grid photovoltaic power generation system effectively solves the problem of solar photovoltaic module power generation, discharge, power supply and energy star transformation in the transmission process, ensuring the reliability, efficiency and safety of the entire system power generation, so that the power station can run stably.

2. Energy storage system

The energy storage system has a battery bin and an equipment bin, and the electric ground system uses a single battery cell as the smallest unit to form a battery module and battery cluster, and the electrical capacity is configured according to the actual needs of the field. Storage converters (PCS), AC distribution cabinets, DC distribution cabinets, fire protection systems and EMS& dynamic ring monitoring cabinets are placed in the equipment warehouse. The energy storage system is connected to the AC BUS (AC BUS) system to improve the energy utilization efficiency and balance the production and supply of the power system

3. Charging pile

The charging pile interacts with the user through the way of scanning code charging. The charging pile system includes temporary energy monitoring and temporary energy metering. The charging pile intelligent controller has the functions of measuring, controlling and protecting the charging pile, such as the running state detection, the current state detection and the linkage control of the charging and discharging process. Ac output configuration AC smart energy meter, AC charging metering, with perfect communication function, the metering information can be transferred to the charging intelligent controller and network operation platform via RS485, in addition, charging power can be adjusted, input shaft and overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, leakage protection, grounding detection, overtemperature and other protection functions are complete. With IP54 protection class.

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