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Commercial Solar Power System
    发布时间: 2017-03-24 11:06    

Factory roof industrial and commercial photovoltaic system

Commercial Solar Power System

Industrial and commercial photovoltaic system refers to the distributed network system installed in the roof and ground of large centralized electricity users such as enterprise units, commercial buildings, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, industrial plants and other areas. Can be consumed on the spot, offset a part of the network purchase electricity consumption, save users' electricity bills, or the full amount of Internet access, in exchange for income.

JDSOLAR industrial and commercial photovoltaic system features: idle roof to earn income, low investment stable return. Heat insulation, rain protection, extended roof life.

Advantages of JDSOLAR industrial and commercial photovoltaic system: modular installation, perfect combination with the roof, beautiful, stylish, generous. Suitable for different application scenarios, users with large peak-valley electricity price difference can choose Jiaoda optical Valley energy storage system, and photovoltaic system combined into a light storage system. Users who have charging needs can choose the optical storage and charging system of Jiaotong University Optics Valley to form a micro-grid, self-power supply and maximize benefits.



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